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10 Tips From Don Cherry



French cuffs, suit-appropriate ties and no coloured shirts in the evening. It’s a safe, understated dress code—but maybe not the one you’d expect from hockey commentator Don Cherry.

Cherry agreed to share the following sartorial wisdom for our Book of Lists, so long as it was reproduced verbatim. What follows are his top 10 fashion tips, in his own words:

“When people think of me and my clothes, they think of the wild jackets that I wear on Coach’s Corner, and they are very disappointed when they see me in a sensible suit. I have one set of clothes for TV and another for ordinary use, and here are my 10 tips on clothes:”

1. “Suits and jackets always pressed. I’ll press a suit when it comes back from having an alteration, or before an event. You always start with the inside first and then do the outside, as it’s easier to create creases on the outside.”

Image result for ironing clothes image

2. “Shoes always shined and shoe trees put in to keep their shape. Don’t skimp on the quality of the rag either. Wipe off any excess wax using a rag, making sure every part of the shoe gets equal love. ”

How Shine Your Shoes: Step 8. Part 3.

3. “Long socks never to show flesh, pulled tight, no sag (the sock, that is ) The color should stick out from your outfit to give a nice pop. Don’t forget variety is the spice of life so mix it up.”

Image result for colorful socks image businessman

4. “When hanging a suit or jacket, proper hangers are a must to fit the suit properly, and space between suits to breathe. Bags are also essential to help when on the go and you need to pull a crisp suit out without wrinkles”

Image result for suits in a closet spaced

5. “Appropriate ties. When I wear one of my wild jackets, always a plain tie. Don’t try to gild the lily, and always a single Windsor. Remember the key to standing out is draw the attention of the audience but don’t go overboard with all the parts of your outfit.”

Image result for don cherry plain tie

6. “Shirts hand pressed, never to laundry to ruin, and heavily starched. Bleached occasionally and only worn once before being donated, and always French cuffs with monogrammed initials (in case I get lost).”

Image result for monogrammed french cuff shirts

7.“Whether it’s on casualwear or formalwear, indulge in a bit of colour. Most men are unjustly scared of it – they’re intimidated by anything that isn’t navy or grey. But when it comes to colour, just remember to make sure it compliments the rest of your outfit.”

Image result for don cherry colorful

8. “Get everything tailored that looks like it’s baggy when you buy it off the rack. There’s nothing like the feeling of having clothes that accent your figure well and give you a sharp look.”

Image result for tailor measuring man

9. “Pants: a small break at the shoe, not sloppy or too short as if you have a flood in your basement, and always with braces that match. The key giveaway of a well dressed man is when you can see pants worn at the right length ”

Image result for small break at the shoe

10. “Finally, Ron MacLean and I when travelling always wear a shirt and tie with our suits. Look around the airports next time, you seldom see anyone wearing a shirt and tie, you will see most men wear an open neck collar with their suits. That’s because it’s comfortable and feels good, but that’s not for me, because as my Dad and Fernando used to say, ‘It’s better to look good than feel good.’ ”

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