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“The Beach Bum” Director Got A Late Night Call From Snoop



In “The Beach Bum,” Snoop Dogg plays clever and suave rapper. So, he pretty much plays himself. However, he wanted to change things up a little bit for the movie.

“The Beach Bum” (in theaters) stars Matthew McConaughey as a poet named Moondog who has made the Florida Keys his own personal playground. Snoop Dogg is a close friend who also happens to be close friends with Moondog’s wife (played by Isla Fisher). But he and Moondog still get along great.

Though Snoop’s character is similar to himself, he wanted to tweak something about the character. So he went to “The Beach Bum” writer-director Harmony Korine with a name change.

“That was his one big note to me,” Korine said in a recent interview. “Late at night, we were worried, it was like, ‘Snoop has got some notes,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ And he calls me up and he’s like, ‘I just want you to know I don’t want to be Snoop in the movie, I want to be Lingerie because I’m smooth and silky.’”

And thus the character Lingerie was born.

Korine admitted he was just going to call him Snoop Dogg in the movie, just like how Jimmy Buffett plays himself in it. But Korine got what Snoop wanted.

“He’s playing a variation of himself but at the same time he’s not really himself,” Korine said. “He just has this presence.”

But Korine pointed out it’s hard to separate the Snoop aura.

“If you look really closely he’s wearing clothes that say ‘Snoop’ on the lapel,” he said. “But it’s got such a funny logic that I was like, ‘It works.’”

“The Beach Bum” is currently playing in theaters.

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